Community Advocate Training

September 18, 21 + 22

Join the nonviolence movement

You will learn:

  • The 5 steps of effective advocacy

  • The empowerment model: What it is and how to apply it

  • DV 101: A history of the movement locally and nationally

  • How to stop domestic violence in the community

  • Trauma-informed response to crisis and response tools you can use

This comprehensive training will give YOU the practical tools you need to stop gender-based violence at home. This 20-hour training will give you the information you need to better understand domestic violence, to support those who have experienced it, and to help break down antiquated taboos to bring the movement forward.

At the end of the exciting and energizing training, you will obtain Vermont’s statewide Victim Crisis Worker Privilege. You will feel more prepared to stand up against gender-based violence and can apply what you know to help those you love who might be suffering in silence.

Take the skills and volunteer with us, partner up to serve the community or just fill your toolbox with helpful resources to live as an engaged activist.

About Steps to End Domestic Violence:

  • Last year we fielded 3,800 hotline calls

  • We provided free, confidential service to more than 1,800 people in Chittenden County

  • We’re seeing a paradigm shift where violence isn’t tolerated and survivors are believed.

  • We need YOU to help move things forward

For information about the training, including financial assistance, email or call (802) 658-3131 x 1068.