So you’re thinking about joining our team… whether you plan to apply for an internship or a volunteer position, we know the process can be a bit daunting at first. But fear not - we’ve compiled a list of common questions to help you start to plan.

Have a question but don’t see it here? Email Bessie McManus, Hotline and Volunteer Manager, at bessiem@stepsvt.org!

What happens after I apply?

Once you fill out and return the appropriate application, our Hotline and Volunteer Manager will review and contact you to schedule an interview if they feel you’d be a good fit.

Behind the scenes, your information will be forwarded to your first-choice program.

NOTE: It’s common to move around between departments, as everyone works together.

Those interested in direct service work will likely be required to complete the Community Advocate Training to earn Vermont’s Victim and Crisis Worker Privilege and learn more about what we do - and why we do it.

Can I get academic credit?

Short answer - yes! We have regular internships for college students and opportunities for high school students needing volunteer hours may be available.

All internships must be approved by the interested student’s academic advisor and fulfill their school’s specific requirements. Interns are assigned a supervisor within the organization to help with scheduling, duties and projects, plus educational and skill-building opportunities.

NOTE: While internships are most often done for credit, they can be done simply for experience as well.

Is childcare provided while I volunteer?

No, we are unable to accommodate that. However, certain positions may allow for kiddos to come along (those who do this will be asked to sign a waiver accepting responsibility for the care of your child).

Does it cost anything to volunteer?

Maybe - We ask participants to pay a $50 fee to attend the Community Advocate Training. However, if that creates a financial hardship, scholarships may be available.

Are all genders welcome to intern and/or volunteer?

Absolutely! We are an inclusive environment and celebrate the things that make us unique as individuals.

I was in an abusive relationship in the past - can I get involved with you now?

Yes! We ask that survivors wait for 2 years after active abuse to allow for healing to begin, but we know that our personal experiences help us grow and welcome diverse histories as we move forward together.

What is Victim and Crisis Worker Privilege?

This is a responsibility gained by attending a 20-hour training based on the Vermont Confidentiality Statute, allowing for confidential communications between service users and providers.