It can be difficult to be a family member, friend, or coworker of someone who is experiencing domestic violence. Here are some tips on how to help yourself as well as the survivor in your life.

You can:

  • Express your concerns
  • Listen to them and validate their experiences 
  • Be accepting
  • Work on a safety plan together
  • Educate yourself on the complexities of domestic violence.
  • Empower them with information about services, such as Steps to End Domestic Violence
  • Support their decisions
  • Call our hotline in order to get support and information for yourself 

Do not expect a quick and easy remedy. Domestic violence is a complex issue.

Remember: The one who perpetrates abuse is the one with the problem. It is not the victim’s responsibility to stop the violence.

You can say:

  • I am very sorry that this is happening to you
  • I  believe you
  • No one deserves to be abused
  • It is not your fault
  • I am concerned about your safety