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Public awareness, education, and prevention are integral to our mission to end domestic violence. We believe that those who have been personally affected by intimate partner violence can help us create safer communities by sharing their experiences, struggles, and successes

There are many ways you can share your story, such as writing a blog post, being interviewed, speaking at a Steps to End Domestic Violence event, or being a regular speaker at events/meetings throughout Chittenden County. Our staff and seasoned storytellers will be available to help you develop your presentation skills and find comfort in sharing your story.

If you or someone you love, work with, or know has been affected by domestic violence and you want to share your story with the community, please let us know.

Special Event: On Saturday, June 3, 2017 we are hosting a special fundraising event, "Take Steps In Their Shoes" and we need 6-8 individuals to tell their stories as part of this multifaceted event. If selected, you will get to work with a professional storyteller and advocates as you write and practice telling your story. You will also get coaching about stage presence and delivery. All coaching sessions will be held in a safe and nurturing space.  Stories can be shared in person,  on video, and through voice recordings. 

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