Our Education and Prevention Program provides information and resources about domestic violence, including how to offer support to those who have experienced domestic violence.

We actively raise public awareness about the complex effects of domestic violence on individuals, children, and communities. Our education staff and volunteers speak at schools, in the workplace, to community groups, and to houses of worship on a wide variety of domestic violence related topics.

Last year, we reached over 18,050 individuals through more than 250 outreach events, workshops, trainings and speaking engagements. We also reached countless others via public service announcements and printed materials.


Education and Prevention opportunities include:

Professional TrainingOur professional training targets those who are involved in assisting abuse victims and their dependents, such as health professionals, law enforcement agencies, social service organizations, schools, religious groups, and corporations. Training is tailored to meet the needs of each organization.

Workplace Violence Prevention: We work with a variety of businesses to prepare them to address workplace violence issues, including comprehensive training for our Safe at Work Network members.

Workshops for Students: Workshops include Teen Dating Violence 101, Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Bullying and Teasing, Gender and the Media, and Bystander Intervention. These workshops are provided to colleges, high schools and middle schools throughout Chittenden County.

Domestic Violence Materials, Brochures, and Resources: Steps to End Domestic Violence provides brochures, resources, and other materials to educate the community about the issues of domestic violence. These materials have been placed in waiting rooms of doctor offices, the walls of high school classrooms, the offices of clergy, the bathrooms of corporations, and resource tables at community organizations.

Contact us to schedule a speaker, training or workshop, or request materials.