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Current internships include:

Communications, Development and Events

This dynamic, exciting role can be tailored to fit the intern’s needs in a variety of majors and interests (journalism, public relations, social media, marketing, development, events management) and reports directly to the Development and Communications Manager.

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Family Support Intern

This position will allow for interaction with incredible, strong moms and their incredible kids. Through the Kids’ Club and Moms’ Empowerment Group, support group child care, Emergency Housing and the hotline, this role provides a holistic look at family growth and healing.

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Hotline Intern

Our 24-hour hotline is often the first point of contact; the front door of the organization. You’ll learn how to support callers, provide resources, safety plan and so much more.

Note: Hotline duties are essential to the learning process and apply to most internships.

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Legal Intern

The legal system is complex, and this role will help support people as they navigate through the system, for custody, divorce, civil or criminal proceedings.

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Resource Coordinator Intern

Shelter is home. This role helps create a positive, enriching environment for the people who live there. By organizing and managing resources, life can be just a little easier for residents.

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Safehome Intern

The person in this role will help people as they work to secure long-term housing and begin the next chapter of their lives.

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