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Because of your gift we are able to provide services to all those in the community affected by domestic violence.

Steps to End Domestic Violence is the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Vermont. We believe that all adults and children have the right to live without fear of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, or financial.

We strive for a future where Steps to End Domestic Violence partners seamlessly with the community, the criminal justice system, and social services to aid in the significant decline of all forms of domestic violence and abuse. We work toward assisting our community to not tolerate abusive behavior and where abusers are held fully accountable.

Your gift makes our mission possible.

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Kelly Dougherty, MSW, MPH

Executive Director


P.S. Does your company match gifts? Contact the HR department at your company to see if they will match your gift–most companies do! Contact Steps to End Domestic Violence if you have any questions at 802-658-3131.