Spotlight: Self-care tips from advocates

It can be hard to carve out some time for yourself, but self-care isn't selfish!

Our direct service staff know this and they wanted to share with you some of their favorite self-care activities: 


“Go to the movies and unplug.”

“Watching movies with the fireplace on with my dog after eating a home cooked dinner.”

"I make a cup of tea, light some candles and snuggle with my cat."

"I go and buy my favorite ice cream or dessert."

"I call a good friend and just talk about nothing in particular."

“I like to take baths with a bath bomb. I like to catch up on reading, especially lighter reading (non-trauma stories). I like to binge watch one of my favorite shows, usually Gilmore Girls. I love to sit down with a great cup of coffee and a book either by the window or outside.”

“I like to play games either by myself or with friends.”

"In the summer, I like to lay out in the sun at the beach or my backyard and read."

“I like to read a book with my son.”

“I cook a delicious meal.”

“I like to write thank you notes to my friends and family, take my puppy to the dog park and watch the show, “Parks and Recreation” for inspiration on how to be more like Leslie Knope (my hero).”

“I like to snuggle with my dog.”

“Sometimes I turn my phone on silent mode and relax.”

“I enjoy going on long drives with my dog.”

“I like to go out to eat and have comfort food like French fries or shepherd’s pie.”

“In the summer, I like to fly a kite near Shelburne Pond. It’s really beautiful there.”

“I like to go on brewery tours in Vermont with my husband and friends.”

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