Giving Tuesday is almost here!

Move over Cyber Monday - We celebrate the day you can really feel good about... Giving Tuesday!

This national day of giving puts you - the donor - in control, choosing which causes you want to support. We want to tell you where your donation goes when you give to Steps to End Domestic Violence. 

This year, we're focusing on PREVENTION! 

Did you know that our Education and Prevention Coordinator visits area schools, business and community groups to talk about the ways in which people can recognize domestic and dating violence, better preparing them to identify it in their own lives and the lives of others? This knowledge is invaluable, as helping a friend or family member could potentially save their lives. 

In addition, by starting with youth, we are able to help individuals grow up with a true understanding of what a healthy relationship is, what it means to be safe in the digital age, to know the role technology may play into aspects of power and control in their relationships, how to talk about domestic and dating violence and - we hope - to over time erase taboos so that those experiencing domestic violence don't feel isolated and misunderstood. 

When you choose to support us on November 27, you're telling the world that it's time to end domestic violence - you're taking a stand.

Pssst - You don't have to wait until Giving Tuesday to donate! Do it now on our special Giving Tuesday page.