Nobody is here to protect you, dear

The physical violence I went through was difficult to overcome somehow I am done with it today.

I was in my 5th standard. I have always been a multitasker since my childhood. I have learnt dancing, singing and I used to make drawings too. So my parents seeing me indulging in the art work decided to appoint a teacher.

So I have been admitted to a school where children of my age or older come to give their talent a platform. The first couple of weeks were going great. My teacher was so happy with me, he used to tell my parents that they came to the right place else my talent had never been invented. My teacher used to scold me at times when the work I have been told to do was not done in a week or so. It was okay then when he asked me to stop coming to art school because am wasting my time as am good enough for nothing. He even told my parents. He took a chance knowing that I am afraid of my mother. She used to beat me for everything wrong I have done.

I was an introvert kind of a girl, I think I still am. So, the day he told me I was beaten up by my mother. Then after a week I went to the art school, and that my final exams were on so I couldn't complete the task he has given to me. So my mother before the class started told the teacher that I have not completed the task that's why he can do whatever he wants with me in front of all the students. I felt that was hell insulting but I kept quiet. Then she came back home. So he started checking my homework and suddenly out of nowhere he grabbed my hair and slapped on my cheeks.

I didn't have a time to say anything he continued to beat me up. Then he told me that why have I put brown color in the sky instead of black. I said him sorry. But he then slapped my nose then go started bleeding. But it wasn't enough he slapped me again then he just pushed me on the floor and I was hit by a table. That took place in front of everybody. I was scared I was ashamed of myself I was crying and nothing stopped him. He continued to beat me. I was crying like hell I was screaming but he kept doing it for an hour. Then my mom came he told he also to beat me. My mom and I came back. The entire night I couldn't sleep and from that day have a phobia of men.

 Whenever a man or boy comes close to me I start yelling, screaming, hurting myself. It is still affecting me in my daily I am unable to get up with it. I am still trying hard to calm the battle down but I think I should give up. I don't know if I’LL ever get married because as well as me it is going to end the other person's life. I don't know how to cope up with this fear. 

So my message to all women out there please stand by yourself for yourself. Because nobody is here to protect you dear.